Philosophy & Methodology

Our Philosophy

kil tani Consulting's philosophy is such that a person or people can arise when they are empowered. We feel that a person or people can become empowered when they can educate, learn and grow. Our philosophy is that education of origins and paths of progression foster a healthy balance of innovation and tradition.


Our Methodology

kil tani Consulting's methodology works to empower a person or people.

We believe in fostering:

  • a Tribal community-driven assessment
  • a Tribal leadership-supported strategic plan, and
  • a Tribal programming-developed methodology

We feel that a Tribal community that is united with its leadership and programming can educate, empower, inspire, and impact their community and all Native Americans. Our methodology is designed to educate and drive the identification, development, and fostering of resources, funding, talent, and skills.


Our Purpose

We feel a person or people are empowered when they are in a place where they have all the resources needed to teach and learn. Our purpose is to assist Tribal leadership, programming, and communities to inspire and impact the future 7 generations. We feel that tradition can guide innovation, and that innovation can support tradition.